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Bshirt are Slow Fashion and sustainability advocates. They design their clothing with the aim of allowing women to adapt their existing clothes to be breastfeeding and pregnancy friendly. Award winning and newly awarded B-Corp status, Bshirt approached us to help them refresh the design of their Shopify website to better reflect the overall ethos of the Bshirt offering, making more of their ethical and sustainable values.

Taking the existing Bshirt website, we created a new, modern and up-to-date storefront theme using the latest online store 2.0 standards. In addition we added some custom functionality into the theme which allowed us to remove some of the 3rd party shopify apps that were in use, making the site more streamlined, responsive and quicker to load for users. A key performance indicator for success was that the changes needed to be made quickly but accurately to meet the deadline of a campaign that Bshirt were running to drive extra traffic and conversions.

What did we do?

We worked quickly to understand with the client the problem statement, their pain and frustrations, we made sure that we understood what success looks like for Bshirt. Our lead Shopify developer discussed in detail directly with the client all the aspects of the work, we also proposed additional areas we would improve to meet the client's goals and success criteria.

The outcome

The new design and theme now allow Bshirt to clearly communicate the ethical ethos of their brand to their customers, a key measure of success for the campaign. The user experience changes, site speed improvements and optimisations that we implemented resulted directly in an improvement to conversion rates following the launch of the new site. This satisfied the original key success outcomes but we didn't stop there. In addition the removal of 3rd party plugins resulted in lower monthly costs for Bshirt!

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