Surviving or thriving? Online sales for food and drink in 2023

‘Surviving or thriving?’ - What do online sales channels mean to food and drink in 2023? Webselect are hosting a research event to understand the views of food and drink business leaders and food influencers, looking into the Food & Drink industry, specifically here in Devon and the surrounding South West

The South West hosts some of the nations most fabulous food and drink providers from market gardens and vineyards, spirit and artisan drinks producers, specialist premium, fresh and prepared produce, food and drink gifting, gastro experiences and everything in between.

The last 3 years have put the country through its paces and none more so than our region’s producers - from furlough, to Covid loans, to Brexit - they’ve all contributed, yet here we are. We still have a blossoming well respected wealth of food producers ALL shouting about what we have to offer.

Producer membership group, Food Drink Devon wholeheartedly supports and promotes their members as being the best in the country, speaking up on behalf of their members on a national scale. Food Drink Devon is headed by a voluntary board who believe in every single member, having proven their quality, sustainability and provenance.

Webselect has partnered with Food Drink Devon to support their membership by offering the chance to complete a digital health-check on their website platforms - checking performance, site speeds and digital health whilst being on hand for queries and advice about their e-commerce platforms.

On Thursday 2nd March, industry experts will be brought together to discuss the year ahead ‘Surviving or thriving? Online sales for food and drink in 2023’. What is expected from 2023? What hurdles are we facing? Are different sectors facing different trials? How have B2C trends changed? What can we do to support one another? AND, what’s going to be brilliant?!

This will be an exclusive in person event, an opportunity to network with others and lunch will be provided.

We will share the outcomes as a report to all, the thought leadership, confidence, opportunities and outlook offered, we hope, will start to answer the original question - is this a year to ‘Survive or are there opportunities to thrive’.

To secure your exclusive position at our round table event, please contact Clair on 07398 726 763 or email on [email protected].