What are the advantages of bespoke e-commerce platforms to a growing business?

An e-commerce platform can be something that comes second when looking at the running of a business, opting for a bespoke system can be a daunting decision to make. Here at Webselect we understand this and want to help where we can, as a result we know that when it comes to running a business, having a reliable e-commerce platform can be the difference between success and failure. Harvard Business Review observed the shopping behaviours of consumers and found that around 73% of consumers prefer shopping through multiple channels. If you’re looking for an e-commerce platform that can help your business grow, then a tailor-made, bespoke, e-commerce platform may be the right choice for you. 

Considering the amount of e-commerce platforms that are available, and we know, there are tons of choices. But here, at Webselect, we know that a bespoke e-commerce platform can be tailored-made to meet your specific business needs, wants and requirements. Why be constrained by a platform that you have to fit your business around? Your business is unique, being bespoke allows you, in partnership with your e-commerce provider, to create an efficient and effective online store that can drive up sales and increase customer loyalty.

There is a business case to be answered in making a decision on your platform. If you are an established and growing business the longer term cost of ownership needs to be considered. With growth it's likely you will increase your product offering and SKU’s, have to train staff in how to use the CMS, refresh the UX and design, take advantage of new and evolving integrations etc. How much will it cost to run and maintain your site? The increase in commission costs from payment gateways will impact profits. Making a decision early in your growth phase to plan for this could be the difference in your cash position in the medium to long term.

Taking a deeper look into how a bespoke platform can help you to improve your website.

A bespoke e-commerce platform will enable you to provide customers with a seamless experience. By offering customisable features such as discounts or loyalty programs which encourage repeat purchases from existing customers or referrals from new ones, therefore, helping boost sales further down the line and create a customer friendly environment letting your customers know that there are people behind the website! Additionally, it allows shoppers a quicker checkout process through integrating features like one-click ordering systems or automated email reminders when orders aren't completed at checkout - improving customer satisfaction levels too!

With custom and integrated analytics, a bespoke solution can provide valuable insights into how your customers behave throughout the e-commerce platform so that your business can better understand the target audience's preferences and use this information for marketing campaigns, product development, or to create a more streamlined user interface - allowing you to stay ahead of the competition!

As well as providing an enhanced user experience for shoppers, a customised solution also can help to improve a platform’s website security by offering advanced encryption techniques on payment gateways & PCI DSS compliant solutions. This ensures sensitive data that your customer's provide is kept secure throughout every step of their journey - giving peace of mind, both when dealing with financial transactions and storing user information. Bespoke solutions are also designed with scalability in mind, meaning they easily accommodate your businesses growth needs over time without needing any major changes!

Webselect offers a platform and service called SelectCommerce. SelectCommerce has has been developed over 20 years and is the platform of choice for many of our clients who have seen enormous growth over 4-7 years of more than 400%.

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