selectcms | content management made easy

what is selectcms?

selectcms is our web content management system.

It's designed to make updating your web site simple and enjoyable.

why choose selectcms?

As Microsoft's Bill Gates once said, "content is king".

A modern business has to convey a lot of information to its customers: let selectcms take the strain.


Simple is our watchword

Content management system user interfaces can be rather overwhelming. Our customers helped us to design the selectcms interface, and we're confident that anyone can use it. If you'd like to see for yourself, ask us for a demonstration.


Mobile-friendly, out of the box

selectcms uses a flexible responsive grid, into which you can place your content. Your web pages will "just work" on mobile and tablet devices, as well as desktops and laptops.


Keep your content organised

selectcms includes a searchable asset management system for your images, documents and videos. You can upload photos from your computer, or add video direct from YouTube.


Blogging built-in

Keeping customers up to date is important! selectcms includes an integrated blog engine with built in commenting and moderation system.


A CMS for the way you work

If you often find yourself "working around" the limitations of your current CMS, let us help! We can build in bespoke features, forms and widgets to suit the way your business functions.


Pages Google will love

selectcms allows you to manage page titles, headings and metadata without fuss. It also generates friendly URLs as standard. Together, these features help make it easier for your customers to find you.


Lay out pages with a flexible responsive grid system.

Full support for mobile device browsers.

Device specific content: show different content to mobile and desktop computer users.

Upload and manage image and document assets.

Automatic image optimisation: speed things up for your users.

Large selection of asset types as standard (images, videos, documents, maps, slideshows, lists, spacers and more).