meet the team

Our team blends creativity and downright amazing coding skills. We work from a stunning location in Chudleigh where we have 2 acres of gorgeous countryside all to ourselves. The team has grown slowly over the years and many have been here over 10 years, some nearly 20. If you would like to come and meet us just get in touch. To butter us up we suggest you bring cake..... we like cake.

Andy Doyle

Andy Doyle (Director)

Andy is the new 'face' of Webselect. We know, it's shocking! He also likes talking to clients, pretending to be creative AND technical, and falling off his mountain bike.

David Moore (Creative Director)

Dave, or David, is a ninja. Not just a martial arts expert, but a creative ninja. His fine art skills are amazing (db.moore on Instagram) as is his UX, branding and all arty things.

Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris (Operations Manager)

Sarah runs the office as well as testing our work, and makes it all look easy. She also does the payroll, which is why this is a relatively kind biography.

Simon Collins

Simon Collins (Developer)

Unusually (for a developer), Simon would often rather do things the hard way. More usually for a developer, he loves caffeine, Amazon Prime and... hardcore database migrations.

Tom Merrivilla

Tom Merryvilla (Developer)

The newest member of our team, Tom seems to have settled in very quickly and calmly. We give it a month or so before he's as nuts as the rest of us.

Craig Dobson

Craig Dobson (Developer)

Makes things look pretty. Craig is a multitasker, able to write code while simultaneously holding several conversations about football and/or puppies.

Trevor Hoy

Trevor Hoy (Developer)

Trevor patiently handles the bulk of our customer support requests, and has also developed an unusual ability to summon rain. We don't yet know if there's a connection between the two.

Rob Wells

Rob Wells (Developer)

As someone who admits he hates change, Rob chose a career in front end web development, the most rapidly-changing discipline in an incredibly changeable field. We wish him luck.

Mark Bell

Mark Bell (Developer)

Mark is an awesome ninja rockstar developer of the highest order, and all round excellent guy. He also writes staff biographies for web sites. *cough*

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