what is selectmailer?

selectmailer is a tool for managing email marketing campaigns.

It helps you communicate with your customers by sending them personalised, targeted emails.

why choose selectmailer?


Comprehensive mailing list management

selectmailer helps you keep your mailing list clean and current. Unsubscriptions and bounces (where email addresses no longer exist) are automatically removed. We can also integrate selectmailer with your ecommerce platform, for frictionless customer subscriptions.


Build attractive marketing emails

Use the built-in template editor to create professional marketing email. Then use our design and spam testing tools to make sure things are as you want them before sending.


Automate your communications

selectmailer allows you to send out emails in response to specific events. An example of this might be emailing your subscribers whenever you add a new blog post to your website.


Powerful analytics

selectmailer's reporting tools show you where and when each recipient opens your email. You can also track click-throughs, unsubscribes, bounces, and other custom data.


Automated email subscriber management.

Integrated HTML email template designer.

Large selection of pre-designed templates.

Immediate or scheduled delivery of email campaigns.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics.