Trust in Ecommerce: Why You Need It and How to Get It

Without the ability to build trust, you will have a hard time selling your products online – it’s as simple as that. So, that’s why you need it…but how do you go about getting it?

Well, trust can be built up in a number of ways, and how you go about it will often depend on the target market you are trying to sell to. We have come up with 5 top trust-building tips to help you cultivate a loyal customer base:

1. Ensure Your Website Does What It’s Supposed To

Build trust by ensuring your website works perfectly every time. If people enjoy their experience using your website, it will encourage them to come back again and again. Some features of a good ecommerce website include a fast loading speed, strong calls to action and an easy payment process.

2Use Your Words Well

The language you use is really important when selling online because you lose the other elements of communication that you get in face-to-face conversation such as body language and tone of voice.

Ideally, you need to be persuasive with your writing to encourage sales but also demonstrate a little bit of personality to show your company’s human-side. Overly-corporate language will not allow your audience to connect with your brand and you may struggle to build trust this way. That said, if it works for your brand, then go right ahead and ignore that last tip – you’ll know best for this!

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off

If you don’t show people what you can do, how will they know if they can trust you? You can display your work in several ways, such as with a portfolio, through customer testimonials and reviews, and you could even have a section on your website that allows you to share some images of your customers with your products. Think about what would work best for your site and what your customers/prospects may be hoping to see.

You should also display any certificates or trust badges you may have around your website (particularly on the payment pages) to prove that your site is safe and secure and that you are a reliable and trustworthy vendor.

4. Reward People with Perks

Trust can be built up by making people feel special, or even like they’re getting something extra for shopping with you. You could achieve this by offering your customers special offers, discount codes and free-delivery/returns. 

5. Encourage Return Visits

Return visits are an excellent indicator of trust with your customers. Loyal customers are an excellent source of profit, and they also mean reduced marketing costs because you have already established trust so you no longer need to convert them each time.

You could encourage future visits by incorporating a wish list feature to your site, or by sending out marketing emails to show new stock or to promote sales and exclusive discounts (provided they opt-in to your mailing list, of course!).