Select Tips: 4 Ways to Improve Your Sustainability

Sustainability is a word we’ve been hearing more and more frequently, and now that the bloggers are shouting about it too, we’re wondering if this trend will have as much impact as the trusty avocado, which you may recall had a bit of a revolution not too long ago.

Of course, sustainability is not exactly like an avocado, in fact it’s a lot more economically and environmentally focused, and will 100% affect your ecommerce business at some point or another, which I imagine the avocado did not, but what do I know?

More and more, we’re starting to see businesses adopt sustainability into their operations which is great news because sustainability is essentially just finding a way to not completely deplete the earth of its resources, so we can all live happily ever after on a planet that is not a complete barren wasteland.

If you’d like to do your bit to avoid this Mad Max way of life, we’ve listed below 4 ways to help you make some changes in your ecommerce business:

1. Reduce Waste and Recycle More

This is something that you’re bound to have heard people taking about recently, particularly when it comes to plastic. Consumers are becoming aware of the effect of the plastic that we have been using in excess for the past 70+ years, and how it has become a severe problem for the planet. Therefore, cutting down on plastic usage in packaging and manufacturing will only help things.

plastic bottles ruining nature

Have you heard about the first ever plastic free aisle in a supermarket in Amsterdam?

Other companies have been setting up zero-waste contracts, finding degradable solutions, striving to recycle more and generally reducing the quantity of waste they are producing. The more businesses that adopt this ethos, the better shape our planet will be in.

2. Become Energy Efficient

This is another way to reduce your carbon footprint, and there are a number of ways to do it. The overall idea is that you cut down on the amount of energy your business is using, from your offices to your manufacturers. Here’s a great article from Business Juice that gives you lots of ideas to help you do this in all parts of your business.

energy efficiency

3. Support Sustainable Charities

Either through partnership or fundraising, supporting charities is a great way to enhance and promote sustainability as it will increase awareness and put lots of good out into the world.

And lastly...

4. Make Customers Aware

Where possible, try and make your customers and others aware not only of your efforts, but also of their effect on the environment and the changes they can be making themselves.

Sharing the changes your business is making also gives you a transparency that customers will appreciate and also might encourage others to make a change themselves.