How to Use Offline Techniques to Boost Your Online Sales

Very often brands have several ways in which they can interact with their consumers, including places, people and scenarios. These interactions are commonly referred to as brand touchpoints. When selling online, the first place you may think to generate your sales is through your online touchpoints, but offline techniques can actually prove very lucrative.

Promoting your brand with offline methods can be a great way to get your brand seen by a wider audience, and if done well, will even get people talking about your brand online too. Using offline touchpoints works well for both new and existing businesses because they can both give an introduction to your brand or a new product/service, or they can act as a reminder for existing brands. Below are some things to think about when using offline brand touchpoints to boost your online sales:

Location, Location, Location

If you’re looking to use offline techniques yourself, be sure to think about the location – where is the best place to be seen by your target audience? If you’re trying to reach students, why not visit a university campus? For B2B, you could try a networking event, and for a wider age range, busy highstreets can work perfectly. Of course, location does depend of what sort of technique you are using – for example, a pop-up shop will need a different location to some experiential marketing, or print distribution.

Generate a Buzz

Not using online methods of marketing can require you to put more effort into generating buzz for your social content. This means that you need to get people excited for your product or service and spark conversations on a variety of platforms – just because you’re not using online techniques doesn’t mean you don’t want people talking about you online! This sort of thing does not have to be solely event focused either as traditional forms of marketing and advertising can work just as well, whether that be print, TV or radio. Ideally, you will combine several techniques to execute a killer marketing plan.

A great example of using an offline technique to generate online buzz is to host an event and invite several social influencers to it. Your guests will be able to document and generate content from your event that they will then share with their already established online audiences, sparking a number of online conversations – and all you have to do is host the event!

Another example of generating a buzz by combining offline and online marketing is American rap artist, Jay-Z’s, collaboration with for the release of his autobiography, Decoded, in 2010. Throughout the duration of the campaign, single pages of the book were released across the world, in locations that relate to each extract. The pages could be found on billboards, bus stops, cars, food wrappers, and even found on collectible items such as custom Gucci jackets. As each page was released, added to the online game they had created to allow people to follow the story and experience Decoded as Jay-Z intended. The campaign was a huge success for both Jay-Z and, and goes to show that offline marketing techniques can really help to boost online sales when done well. To learn more about this campaign, click here.

Good News Is

The more unique and interesting your offline touchpoints are, the more likely you are to generate positive word of mouth. This is the best way to bring in new customers as people love hearing or reading reviews as they act like personal recommendations. This builds the trust required for purchase much faster than if someone was to just stumble across your brand.

thumbs up good reviews

Don’t Forget…

Even if your event doesn’t get you an instant sale, people are much more likely to remember you in future for when your product or service solves a problem they are presented with – offline touchpoints have the longevity that is missing from online.