How to Get Customers Back to Your Website

Raising brand awareness and increasing sales are common objectives for businesses – but they can be costly, particularly when all focus is put into reaching a new market and gaining sales from them. When it comes to prospective customers, they need to almost be told why they should buy from you, which can be done through reviews and recommendations, great copy and images on your website, and lots of effective marketing. These techniques are great for building your business and expanding your market and whilst that’s important, so is nurturing your existing customer relationships – perhaps even more so.


Customers that have already been through the sales funnel don’t need to be persuaded that they should shop with you in future, because they’ve already done it at least once so the trust you need is already there, and if they enjoyed their initial experience, there’s no reason why they won’t come back in future, but there are ways to help that happen.

Returning customers is customer retention, which is something we’ve mentioned on our blog before, and it essentially saves you time, effort and money, as it works out that 20% of your customers produce 80% of your sales

A great way to retain customers is to get people back to your website. For this to work, they are going to need to have an enjoyable shopping experience with you, so we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you create that for your customers:


This can sometimes make or break an experience for a customer, particularly if it’s something you offer that your competitors don’t. Adding personal touches such as remembering the customer’s name or the types of products they like/have looked at before can make them feel special and give everyone a completely unique experience.

Good User Experience

Of course, this entire post is designed to help your customers have a better user experience with your website, but this point specifically relates to the functionality of your site. By keeping things easy to use for all devices, each and every customer should have an enjoyable time visiting your site again and again.

New In/Recommended Items

These are the sorts of things that people will come back and check every now and again. Choosing to display certain products for certain customers, or even just having a ‘New In’ section gives them an incentive to come back to your website and check the products listed there, and this should hopefully always give them something fresh to look at, presenting several opportunities for future sales.


You can use service emails to offer incentives and to continue a great level of customer service beyond your website, which will inevitably bring customers back to make future purchases. We’ve written a whole post on service emails, so click here to give that a read.

You can also use marketing emails to get return visits to your website, as long as you have their permission, of course!

Cards in Deliveries

By putting a personalised card with a thank you or something such as an offer for a future purchase into each delivery, you can ensure that the entire shopping process with you demonstrates maximum thought and effort from start to finish. Gestures like this can make each customer feel valued, which will encourage them to return to your site and shop with you in future.


If a customer spends a while looking at a certain product, but clicks away from it, you can use remarketing to advertise that product to them on a number of different sites. This technique is hugely effective because each advert acts as a little reminder to encourage them to come back to your site and make the purchase.

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