Are You Black Friday Ready?

Black Friday to Cyber Monday is predicted to be another massively busy time for online retail this year. This 4-day shopping extravaganza has migrated its way across the Atlantic to the UK from the States, and as of today, it’s just 3 weeks away.

Black Friday balloons

Black Friday is the day that follows the American holiday of Thanksgiving which always falls on a Thursday, and is the day that many retailers hold big sales to kick off the Christmas shopping period. This year Black Friday falls on the 23rd November and lasts until Monday 26th (Cyber Monday), although sales often run over into the following week.

During this weekend, there are huge peaks in online traffic and sales soar, so as an ecommerce business, you need to be prepared for everything this busy time might throw at you. To ensure you’re all set, we’ve made a list of the most important things to organise in your business to get you ready for the big weekend:

Organise Stock

Know which products are going into sale and ensure everything is clearly laid out and organised for the busy time ahead, particularly when packaging up orders to be sent out to customers.

Customer Service

Black Friday weekend is going to be busy, but remember not to let your customer service slip. Responses may need to be shorter during this busy time but always be polite and helpful.


There’s no point having your teams prepared for the sales if your website isn’t. Are your servers up to speed for the high volumes of traffic? Try testing it beforehand to ensure they can support the expected peaks.


As mobile shopping is becoming more and more popular, you need to ensure you’re mobile-ready with a well-optimised website. Speak to your web developers to ensure your site is optimised in time for the sales.

Customer-Centric Website

Now is a great time to get some feedback on your website and make the required changes to ensure your customers have the best shopping experience during the sales. Have a look at our previous blog for some ideas on collecting feedback.

Set Up Analytics for Next Year

By setting up your analytics and tracking software before the Black Friday weekend, you can find out information about what people are buying and looking at (or not!), which could help you a lot in your plans for next year’s Black Friday sales.

What if it doesn’t go to plan?

Ensure you have a back-up! Just don’t let people have a bad experience or they won’t come back and they’ll also tell their friends not to as well – negative word of mouth can be a real party-pooper.

And, of course, don’t forget… tell people about it!

There’s no point being prepared if you don’t let people know you’re having a sale. So, this is the time to get marketing and promoting your sales across your online presence. Plan out your imagery and copy and keep things eye-catching and compelling to draw people to your site during this busy time.