Increase Sales by Asking Clients What They Want

Continuous improvement should always be a part of your business plan. You can’t expect to grow your business if you don’t adapt with the market to make changes for your customers. Changes can be made with numerous things, such as internal processes, choice of suppliers, customer service, as well as the actual products you’re selling, and for ecommerce businesses: the website.

Websites generally have come a long way and there have been a lot of changes in the last 20 years… remember Google Beta?

So, it is expected that you’ll modernise and make necessary changes to your site as and when required. Therefore, customers know that change is inevitable, but whether you are making improvements isn’t down to you, it’s down to the people who actually use your site.

What you might think is the right change, may actually make shopping your website a lot more difficult for your customers, or a change to your returns policy might make things more expensive or involved than before. Just because a change to your site and its content might make things easier for you, doesn’t make it the right choice – your customers are the ones who should decide that.

If you want to know what you could do better, you should ask your customers as they’re the ones with the first-hand experience of using your site and receiving your customer service so there is no one better to ask.

There are a number of different ways to ask your customers for their feedback:

Customer Panels

Small groups allow you to get a range of useful information, and are also great to see the overall response to certain suggestions as you will find that individuals bounce off each other’s comments and opinions.


These can be done on site or via email and could be incentivised to gain a higher response.

Phone Interview

This method is more time intensive but is more direct to the customer which could result in a more detailed response than one from a survey.

Feedback Email

A short while after a customer has made a purchase from your site, roughly 2 weeks perhaps, you could try sending an email to request feedback in a particular area. This is less involved than an entire survey which might encourage more responses and could also allow you to focus on getting one area right at a time.

By finding out what they do and don’t like, you can make actual improvements that will help to improve your sales!