selectcommerce | ecommerce made easy

what is selectcommerce?

selectcommerce is a hosted ecommerce order processing application.

It's aimed at web retailers who may also accept orders over the phone, or by post.

selectcommerce provides a complete solution, from initial order right through to automated dispatch.

We can also create bespoke modules to suit any specific needs your business may have.

why choose selectcommerce?

Selecting an ecommerce platform is a big decision for any business.

Here's why selectcommerce is a great choice:


Proven success

selectcommerce-powered web sites processed more than half a million orders in 2016. From small/medium retailers to international businesses, our customers are our best advert. Talk to them and they'll tell you why we work so well with them.


Customisation without limits

Every business works in a different way. Because we built selectcommerce from the ground up, we can mould it to your exact needs. If you'd like to know how, give us a call!


Superb support

You'll get 24 hour support from an established, experienced development team. If you need help, you'll have direct access to ecommerce experts with an in-depth knowledge of our platform.


No vendor lock-in

Of course, we hope you'll stay with us! But we understand that circumstances change. You can access your valuable data in standard text formats (CSV, XML, JSON) at any time using our export module. So if you do decide to switch platforms, you can move your data with minimal fuss.


Built for users, not developers

We designed the selectcommerce user interface with the help of our customers. Our goal is to remove as much friction and frustration as we can from the complex business of web retail.


Security, reliability and peace of mind

selectcommerce runs on our own dedicated servers, reserved for our customers. Redundant hardware in a separate location means we can keep you up and running even if things go wrong. Finally, constant regular backups ensure the safety of your database and assets.


Responsive web shop interface, catering for computer users and modern mobile customers.

Built-in selectcms web content management system.

Secure online payments through your choice of payment gateway (including PayPal payments).

Complete order management system (for both web and manually-keyed orders).

Comprehensive product and stock management features.

Searchable customer database and CRM tools.

Discount, offer and gift voucher management.

Refund and product exchange management.

Warehouse and dispatch management (including barcode and Royal Mail/courier shipping system integration).

Reporting tools (sales, customer and VAT reporting).

Optional bespoke reporting, based on your needs.