Meet the Team: Sarah

It's time for our second instalment of our meet the team blogs! Up next is Sarah, who keeps our office running smoothly and ensures all our work is up to scratch!

Hello, Sarah…

What is your job role?

Um let me see ... I do a bit of everything. From tea/coffee making, office administration, testing, throwing the ball for Alfie (the office dog) to dipping my toes into project management. The only thing I don’t really do is coding - no customer would want me touching their website!

What skills do you have to use the most when working at Webselect?

Communication, multi-tasking and time management skills… oh and also being able to make a good cup of tea or coffee!

What is your favourite type of project to work on?

I don’t really have a preference as I generally have an input into all projects at some point and because there is so much going on it is difficult to get bored.

How long have you been at Webselect?

11 years! 

Have you always worked in developing/web design?

No, but I have always been in administrative roles except for when my children were young when I worked at the local pre-school for 3 years.

Tell us some facts about you

  • I have done most of the Munros (a mountain that is over 3000 ft. in height) in the Lake District and also a fair few in Wales and Scotland.
  • Forever saying sorry – which I am constantly told off about at work! I think this is more of a habit than apologising!
  • Often heard humming or singing (badly) and I get caught out when someone unexpectedly turns the music off in the office!

What are some of your favourite things?

  • My two dogs – one, a 9 year old Patterdale Terrier (Poppy) and the other, an 11 week old Labradoodle (Luna).
  • Walking - especially on Dartmoor on in the Lake District, not so much Munros these days, but still hill walking and general walking. Just being outside is good especially with my husband and 2 children (who are 18 and 19) if they decide to join us, and the dogs who always want to go for a walk, unless it’s raining!

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