Sandy Park & Exeter Foundation go live


We are delighted to announce the successful launch of two new websites. Sandy Park Conference Centre and The Exeter Foundation.

If you notice a similarity between the two then you are right. In fact there is now a family resemblance between three websites if you include Exeter Chiefs which launched in the middle of this year. The reason being that Sandy Park is the home of Exeter Chiefs and The Exeter Foundation is a charity formed by Exeter Chiefs

So it was felt a good idea to bring the three independent websites closer together whilst still allowing them to retain their own identities.

Sandy Park is an amazing conference and event centre based in Exeter which can cater for events of almost any size. The new website includes a space selector which allows you to see which spaces suit your particular type of event without having to search through them all. 

Exeter Foundation is an incredible charity which, since inception, has raised more than £1m and helped over 80 projects, charities and organisations. 

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